Christiane Jansen-Lejust

Christiane Jansen-LejustChristiane Jansen-Lejust is French in origin (Paris), but lives in the Netherlands and is married to a Dutchman. Since her childhood she has shown a natural talent for handskills and creative ability; over the years, this has evolved into a wide range of artistic designs.

Moving forward to today, she masters many different techniques such as jewelry design, soapstone sculptures, paintings, creating fimo-puppets and carvings. A few years ago, she discovered her true passion; the creation of crafted and decorated art eggs.

Crafted and Decorated Art Eggs

Inspired by the style of Carl Fabergé she creates magnificent works of art for which she uses all kinds of eggs ( from parakeet up to ostrich eggs ). Christiane starts her designs by making drawings on the eggshell which she then cuts, or carves out using a diamond drill; this is an extremely accurate and tedious process, because there is always a risk of breaking the eggshell.

Christiane's 1e Prize!

In February 2002, when participating at the international exhibition named "Salon International de l’Oeuf Décoré" at Tours, her works of art got rewarded for the first time. Among 40 other exhibitors (from 10 different countries), the jury of the Lions Club awarded her the 1st prize. The jury's decision was motivated by the wide variety of her creations.

Since then, Christiane participated at several exhibitions where she has received various awards and recognitions.

During her exhibition at "Les Noës pres de Troye" in 2004, she was awarded 1st prize and at the annual convention of the "Egg Crafters Guild of Great Britain" in York, she was awarded the 2nd prize.

From the 29th of July till the 30th of August 2005, Christiane exhibited her works of art at the "Musée de l’Oeuf Décoré et de l’Icône", in Banne (FR). Here she received a lot of attention from the local and regional media, resulting in numerous newspaper articles praising her crafted and decorated art eggs, artistic skills and attention to detail.

On the 13th of September 2009, she returned to York (GB), to participate at the annual convention of the "Egg Crafters Guild of Britain".

It was during this convention where Christiane enjoyed several successes; 1st prize in the categories "Larger than Goose" and "Novelties". To top it all of she was also rewarded 2nd and 1st prize in the "Jean Taylor Theme" category.

The biggest surprise however, was the fact that her artistic designs received the label "Best of Show" in the "Novelties" category.

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